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Airsoft Gun Market to Reach US$ 3.6 Billion by 2030, Persistence Market Research

Explore diverse Airsoft Gun options with detailed segmentation, including Handguns, Rifles, and more. Choose from Spring, Electric, and Gas mechanisms, spanning Low to High price ranges. Shop conveniently through Online or Offline channels across global regions. Gain insights for informed decisions in the dynamic world of airsoft guns

/EIN News/ -- New York, Jan. 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global Airsoft Gun market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4%, projecting an increase from US$ 1.9 billion in 2023 to US$ 3.6 billion by the end of 2030.

Airsoft gun market, often referred to as imitation toy weapons in the realm of airsoft sports, are specialized low-power smoothbore air cannons designed for firing non-metallic projectiles known as "BBs," typically made of plastic or biodegradable resin. These airsoft guns have a distinct barrel and are considered safe for competitive sports and recreational activities, given their muzzle energy ratings below 1.5 J (1.1 ftlb), especially when appropriate protective gear is used. Unlike traditional airguns, airsoft pellets have reduced penetrative and stopping powers.

One significant factor driving the market expansion is the growing interest of millennials in extreme sports as a way to relieve stress from demanding jobs. Additionally, the rising popularity of recreational activities like target shooting and shooting sports, made more accessible in various settings such as family entertainment centers, is expected to contribute to the market's growth in the coming years. However, the awareness of the potential harm caused by misusing these devices is growing, acting as a restraint on the market's expansion.

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Market Scope:

Report Coverage Details
Market Revenue 2023 US$ 1.9 Bn
Estimated Revenue 2030 US$ 3.6 Bn
Growth Rate - CAGR 9.4%  
Forecast Period 2023 to 2030
No. of Pages 257 Pages
Market Segmentation
  • Product Type
  • Mechanism
  • Price Range
  • Distribution Channel
  • Region
Regions Covered
  • North America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia & Oceania
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
Key Companies Profiled
  • VALKEN Sports
  • Colt’s Manufacturing Company, LLC
  • ICS Airsoft, Inc.
  • Crosman Corporation
  • Lancer Tactical Inc.
  • Kriss USA
  • G&G Armament Taiwan Ltd.
  • Ballistic Breakthru Gunnery Corporation

Top 7 Key Trends in the Airsoft Gun Market

  1. Rising Global Popularity: The airsoft gun market is experiencing a surge in global popularity, driven by an increasing number of enthusiasts participating in airsoft sports and recreational activities worldwide.
  2. Technological Advancements: Ongoing technological advancements are enhancing the design and functionality of airsoft guns. Innovations in materials, manufacturing processes, and features are contributing to improved performance and user experience.
  3. Growing Market Segmentation: The market is witnessing a diversification of products to cater to different consumer preferences. Various types of airsoft guns, including pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles, are being developed to meet the specific needs and interests of players.
  4. Focus on Realism: Manufacturers are placing a greater emphasis on realism in airsoft gun design. This includes replicating the appearance, weight, and operation of real firearms, providing players with a more immersive and authentic experience.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: The shift towards environmentally friendly practices is impacting the airsoft gun market. The use of biodegradable BBs and eco-friendly materials in manufacturing reflects a growing awareness of sustainability among both manufacturers and consumers.
  6. Influence of E-Sports and Online Communities: The integration of airsoft into e-sports and online communities is gaining traction. Virtual platforms and online forums are fostering a sense of community among players, enabling them to share experiences, tips, and engage in virtual competitions.
  7. Regulatory Compliance and Safety Measures: As awareness of potential risks increases, there is a growing focus on regulatory compliance and safety measures. Manufacturers and event organizers are implementing stricter guidelines to ensure the responsible use of airsoft guns, contributing to a safer gaming environment.

Market Dynamics:

Market Growth Catalysts in the Airsoft Gun Industry

The expansion of the airsoft gun market is being fueled by two key drivers: the increasing participation of women in various sports and the growing engagement of schools in shooting activities.

The rising involvement of women in diverse sports such as tennis, boxing, cricket, and shooting is expected to be a significant contributor to the growth of the airsoft gun market. Gender equality advancements and the elevated social status of women, particularly in emerging economies like China and India, are driving the expansion of the sports gun market. Notably, according to the International Olympic Committee, the number of women's events surged from 86 in 1992 to 145 in 2016, with women participants increasing from 2,704 in 1992 to an impressive 47,000 in 2016.

Another pivotal factor propelling market growth is the increased involvement of schools in shooting activities, fostering student interest in the sport. In the United States, numerous schools are incorporating shooting squads as extracurricular activities, as exemplified by the USA High School Clay Target League. This league witnessed a substantial surge in student participation, soaring from 9,245 in 2015 to an impressive 21,917 in 2018 across multiple states.

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Market Restraints: Responsible Handling and Proper Use Concerns in the Airsoft Gun Industry

A significant challenge confronting the airsoft gun market revolves around the irresponsible handling and improper use of these devices, presenting potential risks that can lead to adverse consequences. The mismanagement of airsoft guns carries the threat of injuries, property damage, and the creation of potentially hazardous situations. These incidents, if not effectively managed, may prompt heightened public concern, calls for more stringent regulations, and the imposition of legal restrictions on the ownership and utilization of airsoft guns.

Addressing these challenges requires a concerted effort to promote responsible usage and implement preventive measures. This is crucial not only for the safety of individuals and property but also for averting regulatory repercussions that could impact the continued viability of the airsoft gun market. Ensuring proper education, awareness campaigns, and the enforcement of safety guidelines are essential steps in mitigating negative impacts associated with the irresponsible handling of airsoft guns.

Opportunities in the Airsoft Gun Market: Navigating Legal Restrictions and Technological Advancements

Evolving Legal Restrictions as an Opportunity:

While stringent legal regulations pose a threat to the airsoft guns market, they also present an opportunity for adaptation and innovation. Manufacturers, retailers, and event organizers can explore strategies to navigate and comply with evolving legal restrictions. Developing solutions that align with regional variations and ensure responsible use may not only overcome compliance challenges but also enhance the credibility of the airsoft industry. Embracing a proactive approach to regulatory compliance can safeguard the long-term sustainability and market reach of the airsoft business.

Technological Advancements Driving Market Growth:

Continuous innovation in airsoft gun technology stands as a significant opportunity propelling market growth. Manufacturers are consistently introducing advanced models with enhanced features, realism, and performance, appealing to both beginners and seasoned players. The integration of gas blowback systems, simulating the recoil and cycling of real firearms, adds authenticity to the shooting experience and contributes to the expanding adoption of airsoft guns among sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, advancements in materials and manufacturing processes result in more durable and reliable airsoft guns, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The emergence of electric airsoft guns (AEGs) with programmable features offers customizable options, attracting players seeking a personalized gaming experience. These technological strides not only elevate gameplay but also foster the overall growth and competitiveness of the airsoft market.

Competitive Strategy in Airsoft Gun Industry

Leading organizations like VALKEN Sports, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, LLC, and ICS Airsoft, Inc., drive innovation in the sector, emphasizing technological prowess. The rise of hybrid airsoft guns is notable, with a customer-centric focus and custom-manufacturing capabilities. Key players invest in R&D for realistic, high-performance models, incorporating technologies like gas blowback systems. Marketing efforts include digital strategies, event sponsorships, and robust social media presence to connect with the target audience. Product differentiation through unique features and innovative technologies is a key strategy to stand out in this competitive market and build brand loyalty.

Airsoft Gun Market Segmentation Analysis: Optimizing Revenue Generation

Most Beneficial Product Type for Revenue Generation:

Airsoft Rifles The airsoft rifle emerges as a key revenue driver, especially appealing to adventure sports enthusiasts. Recognized for its extended range and improved accuracy, airsoft rifles, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and designated marksman rifles, provide versatility in engaging targets at different distances. With a strategic and adaptable design, airsoft rifles cater to a broad spectrum of player preferences, making them a top choice in the market for enhanced overall shooting accuracy.

Focused Mechanism for Sales:

Spring Powered the spring-powered airsoft guns take center stage in revenue generation due to their simplicity, reliability, and affordability. Leveraging a spring mechanism for propelling BBs, these guns offer a straightforward and dependable option, ideal for both beginners and experienced players. Their ease of learning, coupled with the absence of automatic fire capability, positions spring-powered airsoft guns as optimal entry-level alternatives, contributing significantly to revenue expansion in this segment.

Most Beneficial Price Range for Revenue Generation:

Low (Below USD 100) Extensive sales are anticipated in the low-price range (below USD 100) as it offers essential features and functionality. Within this price range, customers can access a diverse range of high-tech and high-quality airsoft guns, available in various power sources such as batteries, gas, and springs. The market's wide selection in this price range allows players to choose options that align with their individual needs and preferences.

Focused Distribution Channel for Sales:

Online Channel The online channel takes precedence in revenue generation, driven by promotional strategies employed by key manufacturers. Discounts, member benefits, and cashback facilities offered through online portals enhance the accessibility of the airsoft guns market, particularly among the young demographic. The online platform caters to prevailing trends, especially in developing countries like China, India, Brazil, and Mexico, where smartphone adoption rates are high, and the airsoft shooting sports culture is gaining traction among millennials.

Top Regional Markets: Fueling Growth through Adventurous Sports and Technological Advancements

North America:

Thriving on Adventurous Sports Preference In 2021, North America witnessed a record-breaking 54% participation rate, with 164.2 million Americans aged six and above engaging in outdoor recreational activities. The prevalent preference for adventurous sports, such as target shooting and hunting during leisure time, has driven the adoption of airsoft guns as a safer alternative to traditional firearms.

Recognizing this trend, key manufacturers are strategically organizing sporting events to expand their customer base. Some enterprises, like AirsoftC3, LLC, are capitalizing on the growing demand by offering rental services for airsoft guns, BB guns, and protective gear, coupled with dedicated recreational fields. The region's thriving adventure sports culture and the emphasis on safety contribute significantly to the growth of the airsoft gun market in North America.

Asia Pacific:

Technological Advancements as Growth Drivers the Asia Pacific region is experiencing notable revenue growth in the airsoft gun market, primarily propelled by advancing technology. Ongoing improvements in design, materials, and manufacturing processes are key contributors to this growth. Major companies in the region are actively undertaking strategic initiatives to bolster market revenue.

For instance, ICS, a prominent player, launched the BLE-Vulture airsoft pistol in December 2021, featuring modern streamlined cutting shapes, matte black surface treatment, and enhanced internal design. The fixed barrel design and adjustable trigger contribute to improved shooting accuracy and trigger response. Such product launches and innovations underscore the region's commitment to technological evolution, playing a crucial role in fueling the revenue growth of the airsoft gun market in the Asia Pacific.

Analyst Viewpoint: Dynamics Shaping Airsoft Gun Market

The Airsoft Gun Market is poised for substantial expansion driven by factors such as the growing participation in shooting sports, with events like the Olympic and Commonwealth Games playing a pivotal role. The Paralympics' rising popularity among disabled individuals and the shift in perception of sports as a viable career option are creating new market segments. Recreational shooting is booming, especially among millennials, driven by associated benefits like a healthy lifestyle and improved mental well-being.

Parental recognition of the value in fostering leadership and sportsmanship in children through recreational sports further supports market growth. On the supply side, global market leaders like VALKEN Sports and strategic expansions in manufacturing hubs, particularly in China, are contributing to heightened competition, reduced prices, and the introduction of innovative products. The market dynamics reflect dynamic growth opportunities and changes in the airsoft gun industry.

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